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X-Files Links

The X flies
The X Files Movie
The X-Files Time Wasting Page
The David Duchovny Testosterone Brigade
Society for the pervention of Cruelty to David Duchovny
The Duchovniks
Grey Boxer Lovers Anonymous
Gillian Anderson Estrogen Brigade
The Gillian Anderson Picture Vault
Chris Carter
Effects and Sound ( crew )
Mark Snow ( Composer )
Vince Gilligan Shrine (writer )
X-Files Cast List
The Shrine of Pendrell
The Office of the Assistant Director Skinner
Dean Haglund
The Loan Gunman Estrogen Brigade
The Black Lung Association
Conspiracy X
Lair of the Rat ( Krycek )
Goverment Adversary Profile


The Gossamer Archives
Gertie's Fanfic Archive
The Love is Out There
X-Files institution for Relationshippers
The X-files Romantic
Gillian Anderson Web Site
The Gillian Anderson Mailing List
David Duchovny Image Galleries
Temple of Modell ( Pusher )
Dante's Inferno