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Me and my old Truck

What I Like

The Fox
Good Radio Station in Kentucky
Paramount's Kings Island
Ohio amusement park
Six Flags Great America
Warner Bro's Own This
SuperTalk 997wtn

What I Do ( Trucking Sites )
Truck Net
Schneider National ( where i work )

Where I Live (Kentucky)

Kentucky Newspaper
Daily Newspaper
Kentucky Information Page
Kentucky Fishing

Updated 7/2/98
My name is Victoria I am 29 yrs old. I have been married for almost 5yrs, I have red hair and green eyes...I will be getting a pic up in the next couple of months...and I will keep you posted when it will go up...
We drive for Schneider National and usually get home on the weekends...Not unless the truck breaks down or something...
Just found out that we could get our new truck just any time, so i am looking forward to that..
Where I live is Kentucky a small town about 700 people called Smiths Grove...It is a very beautiful and quiet place...With lots of Antique stores and 2 hotels and of course a McDonald's and a BP Truck where we can park our truck when we get home at night...( on the weekends ).

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I have joined a audio book club this past week i really like are some of the titles i have listened to.. (1) Long Dark tea time of the Soul By Douglas Adams This is a sci-fi mystery kinda thing it is really funny.. I am going to get the book
(2) Schlinder's List A very good book it took me 18 and a half hrs to listen to this it is really great Talks about Hilter's time and Oscar Schlinder who ran a camp...I cried when i listened to it..( I just got the movie )

Just got the X-Files CD and it is great, can't waite to see the movie... Just got my Brand new runs really great and a lot more space... it only had 26 miles on it when we got it... There are some pics of me up..please take a look at them.. also i have been getting the Southpark Dolls Kenny, who is my favorite and also Cartman... and just got Stan. Off for the whole week...